Wednesday, December 21, 2011


 This area is 'Tasik Harapan' where is located at Universiti Sains Malaysia. It is a man made lake but it's surrounding is rich with bio-diversity. The following is fauna and flora that can be found in this surrounding area. 

Photos above are flora and fauna that can be found in Tasik Harapan. The following is the names of the living organisms.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Renovation of Semi D.

Gathering Hall (Before)

Gathering Hall (After)

Gathering Hall Another Side (After)

The function of this space is remained which are for gathering purpose (main) and a mini working station. The exterior view is totally bring into the interior. The openings (door and windows) are remained but  designer has applied full height fix windows and also openable windows. Working station face a green view. The colors matching create a comfortable, soft and relaxing feel for the space. The cabinets with reflected white laminated finishes can reflected the shadow of the exterior view and make the whole interior space become widely and lively.

Guest room (Before)

Guest room's Bathroom (Before)

Guest room (After)

Guest room another view (After)

Guest room's Bathroom (After)

Guest room's Bathroom Another View (After)

Before this, the space is a storeroom but client required change to a guest room and reallocated the bathroom and redesign it. The main color of the guest room is more to nature color, and red wine color has added to create the sense of welcoming. 

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Double Volume Living Room

(Top View)

With the natural daylighting giving a beautiful and interesting shading into the living area. 
(Front View)
The first floor bedroom can use the daylighting from the living room to create natural ambience. With these sustainable ideas, energy can be saved. To emphasize the double volume space, full height of the bamboo finishes is proposed. It is also become a focal point in the living room.

 (Second living space)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bungalow Design

The concept of this bungalow design more to modern contemporary. The living room have applied with stripping design where connect from wall to ceiling. Some of the strips are ledges that let client to display their items. On the left hand is build in shoes rack and the other side is mirror feature wall to make the space looks bigger and wider. ( Picture on the left handside - LIVING )

The following view is the design of the dining area with a bar counter. At the left hand handside is build in cabinet with turquoise colour splashback which can reflect the outdoor landscape from the right hand side. This can create the feeling of having ur food and beverage in the 'indoor ocean'. There is a mirror partition with a pocket sliding door. Back of the sliding door is the kitchen. The whole mirror partition is just like a picture of drawing.




Next is the guestroom design. Guestroom is to welcome our guest into our house. So, the colour designer chooses is purple colour which is Nippon Paint 2010 colour trend and also purple means welcoming and warm feeling. So the main colour of the guestroom is purple colour.

Lets go to master bedroom design. Master bedroom is used grey,colour and green colours. The design concept is simple and warm. Client has request to cover up the dressing room with a sliding door. So, the tv partition with a pocket sliding door combined together to make it as a feature wall.

Continue is Second Bedroom and third Bedroom. These both bedrooms is using different kind of colours to design. The combination of the colours make the space looks interesting and fun.

2nd Bedroom
3rd Bedroom
3rd Bedroom view 2

Open Cafe Design





This commercial project is proposed a open concept where a place to stop down and take a rest.
Water feature in the front make the sense of welcoming. Green colour is used to make this cafe look refreshing and sustainable. The back of the water feature is a mini kitchen for preparation some foods. The serving area is an open space so the humidity and the temperature can maintain. Mostly are natural materials used such as wood, concrete, water and rattan.